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Cheryl Martin

Cheryl Martin (MSJ83) is an award-winning journalist and communications specialist. She was the popular moderator of Lead Story, a Sunday news analysis program on Black Entertainment Television (BET) for five years. The show brought together some of the top African-American journalists to discuss the major national and international news events of the week. During the 2000 presidential election campaign, Martin hosted Lead Story from the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. She has also interviewed President Bill Clinton, General Colin Powell, and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. In January 2002, Martin left her high profile full-time position to devote more time to speaking professionally and writing.

During her tenure at BET, Martin was a news anchor and also reported and produced several half-hour specials for the network: "The Legacy: Dreaming and Living Success," an inspirational look at successful African Americans and the parents who inspired them to excel; "Mission in the Hood," a look at initiatives by Black, inner-city churches to curb violence and strengthen the family, and "Passage to Democracy," a chronicling of Martin’s visit to South Africa to cover the historic first all-race elections.

Prior to joining BET in October 1992, Martin worked as a reporter and producer for various television stations in Washington, DC, including the NBC-owned station (WRC-TV) and the ABC affiliate (WJLA-TV). Martin received the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's 1991 Silver Award (local program) for her documentary, "Moms, Kids & Crack." The program highlighted the problems of mothers addicted to crack cocaine and the consequences for their cocaine-exposed children. Martin was also nominated for a local Emmy award by the Chicago chapter of the
National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

She was elected to the Mortar Board Senior Honorary and Kappa Alpha Pi Junior Honorary Societies.

Martin earned a bachelor's degree from Northwestern's School of Speech.