Gertrude and GD Crain Award

Established in 1986, the Crain award is dedicated to the founders of Crain Communications and is given to students in the graduate Magazine Publishing Project who exhibit outstanding management potential. Recipients are selected by the journalism faculty and honored at the graduation convocation. G.D. Crain founded Crain Communications in 1916. Under his leadership the company became a leading publisher of business, trade and media newspapers and magazines, including Advertising Age. Gertrude Crain led the company for 23 years following G.D.’s death and with her sons launched Crain’s Chicago Business and acquired Autoweek.

Recipients include:

2016 Sarah Beth Kramer

2015 Lyndsey McKenna


2013 Margaret Anne Sutherlin

2012 Christen A. Carter, Reynaldo Aquino Tungol

2011 Daniel James Murphy

2010 Suzanne Elizabeth Evans, Juliana Hertel

2009 Breeanna Alexandrai Hare, Kimberly A. Weisensee

2008 Gary A. Cohen, Elizabeth Ecker, Kunur Patel

2007 Brittany Lauren Kaplan

2006 John Brenner Thomas, Megan K. Waitkoff

2005 Roben Kantor, Lorie B. Konish

2004 Kathleen Dodd, Joan Christine Wagner

2003 Kathryn Elizabeth Ashford, Lauren Beth Wiener

2002 Megan Elison Vandre, Cassie Amanda Walker

2001 Rachel Elizabeth Davis, Kristin Michell Kateri Graham

2000 Caroline Elise Brustad, Susan Ann Wenner