Harrington Awards

Medill’s highest graduate awards were instituted in 1937 as a tribute to the late Harry Franklin Harrington, who was the first director of Medill. Based on journalistic promise and high scholastic achievement, they are awarded to an outstanding graduate student (or students) selected by the faculty in each major area of study. Currently the Harrington Awards are given in Videography/Broadcast, Magazine Writing and Editing and Interactive Storytelling. Recipients are honored at the graduation convocation.

As director from 1921 to 1935, Harrington shaped the direction of the school. He developed a broad set of requirements that included journalism courses and liberal arts courses including psychology, sociology, history, economics and political science. Harrington was an early leader in journalism education and was president of the American Association of Teachers of Journalism, forerunner of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. He wrote or co-wrote nine journalism books and was a contributing editor of The Christian Science Monitor.



Interactive storytelling, Alysha Khan

Magazine writing and editing, Arionne Nettles

Subject Depth Reporting, Kate Morrissey

Videography/Broadcast, Andrew Fowler


Interactive storytelling, Patricia Gomes Lima

Magazine writing and editing, Christine Skopec

Subject Depth Reporting, James Arkin

Videography/Broadcast, Grace Eleyae


Interactive storytelling, Jordan Schultz

Magazine writing and editing, Stephanie Howson

Subject Depth Reporting, Yichen Isabella Zhong

Videography/Broadcast, Ashley Hickey


Interactive storytelling, Vincent Edward Dixon, Jr.

Magazine writing and editing, Ariel Ginot Ramchandani

Subject Depth Reporting, Alanna E Durkin

Videography/Broadcast, Qixin Wang


Interactive Storytelling, Taniesha Yvonne Robinson

Magazine Writing and Editing, Bethany J. Hubbard

Subject Depth Reporting, David J. Unger

Videography/Broadcast, Sarah M. Eberspacher


Interactive Storytelling, Tanveer Ishtiaq Ali

Magazine Writing and Editing, Sarah Virginia White

Subject Depth Reporting, Alexandra Gerjoi Harris

Videography/Broadcast, Mackenzie W. King


Interactive Storytelling, Marla Friedman

Magazine Writing and Editing, C. Adam Wren

Subject Depth Reporting, Abigail M. Sewell

Videography/Broadcast, Amy Sara Enchelmeyer


Interactive Storytelling, Brian Michael Boyer

Magazine Writing and Editing, Kimberly A. Weisensee

Subject Depth Reporting, Kahrin Deines

Videography/Broadcast, Alison Flowers


Broadcast, Trang Kieu Do

Magazine, Elisabeth Kwak-Hefferan

New Media, Peter Jerome Holderness

Reporting and Writing, Leah Anne Nylen


Broadcast, Lynn Maureen Olszowy

Magazine, Hilary Masell Oswald

New Media, Catharine Andrews

Reporting and Writing, Tiffany Sharples


Broadcast, Anthony John Tagliavia

Magazine, Jeffrey Ryan Lee

New Media, Matthew Paolelli

Reporting and Writing, Fawn Atea Ring


Broadcast, Dana Ashley Greenspan

Magazine, Tequia Renee Burt

New Media, Michael A. Tumolillo

News/Editorial, Monifa Jamila Thomas


Broadcast, Eve I-Fang Chen

Magazine, Maegan Amanda Carberry

News Media, Andrew Setter

News/Editorial, Deborah Leah Hirsch


Broadcast, Michelle Anne Madigan

Magazine, Michael Robert Haney

News/Editorial, Wailin L. Wong


Broadcast, Michael A. Lowe

Magazine, Beverly Cheng

News/Editorial, Benjamin Gilbert Bryant, Lisa Ann Smith


Broadcast, Monica Marcellis Dean

Magazine, Andrea Woo

News/Editorial, Thomas A. McCann, Andrew Richard Sullivan


Broadcast, Nordia Higgins

Magazine, Cara Jean Beardi

News/Editorial, Susan Lee Stumme


Broadcast, Katherine Jane Duffy

Editorial, Sara Joe Burnett

News/Editorial, Alison Maria Rice


Broadcast, Scott Goldberg

Magazine publishing, William Carroll Edwards

News/Editorial, Matthew Reed Baker


Broadcast, Kerri Ann Lyon

Magazine publishing, Christine Elise Hofmann

News/Editorial, Heather Jill Landy


Broadcast, Kristin Leigh Jenson

Magazine, Dina Ruth Witter

News/Editorial, Michael P. Reilley


Broadcast, Edward G. McEnroe

Magazine major, Kathleen Courtenay Sanborn Brown

News/Editorial, Joseph B. Cahill


Broadcast journalism, Lasalle Blanks

Magazine publishing, Annica KS Burns

News/Editorial, Laura Doyle


Broadcast journalism, Robbie Leonie Owens

Magazine publishing, Clara J Jeffery

News/Editorial, Michael Star Gerry


Broadcast journalism, Adam J Schrager

Magazine publishing, Karen C Cheney

News/Editorial, Carrie J Spencer


Broadcast journalism, Tracie Michelle Finley

Magazine publishing, Anupama Chandra

News/Editorial, Thomas A Corfman, Vivki Sue Michaelis


Broadcast journalism, Jeffrey A Lifson

Magazine publishing, Robert A Lindsay

News/Editorial, Katherine L Schenck


Broadcast journalism, Adhemar Altieri

Magazine publishing, Evan Smith

News/Editorial, Sarah Crosby


Broadcast journalism, Deborah J Weiner

Magazine publishing, Lisa T Stiepock

News/Editorial, Michael Stobbe


Broadcast journalism, Jay W DeDapper, Amy Sue Wilen

Magazine publishing, Glen A Coleman

News/Editorial, Karen Brandon


Broadcast journalism, William L Katz

Magazine publishing, Lora L Western

News/Editorial, Donna J Bryson


Broadcast major, Steven J. Scully

Magazine major, Joseph William Crump

Newspaper major, Linda Jones


Broadcast major, Mitchell David Lifson

Magazine major, Gary Michael Levin

Newspaper major, Peter Treistman


Advertising major, David MacDonald Kasey

Broadcast major, Mark Hunter Katkov

Magazine major, Bruce S. Jasurda

Newspaper major, Don Stephen Finefrock


Advertising major, Gail Pudvan, Kay Gilbertson

Broadcast major, Michael Stanton

Magazine major, Barbara Mahany

Newspaper major, Julie Modispacher


Advertising major, Thomas F. White

Broadcast major, Brian Richard Pia

Magazine major, David Alan Satterfield

Newspaper major, Gregory Luttrell Spears


Advertising major, Gregory Joseph Florek

Broadcast major, Richard Samuel Peterson

Magazine major, Stephen Alan Steinberg

Newspaper major, Ellen E. Cates


Advertising major, Jeffrey L. Hilton

Broadcast major, Paul F. Powers

Magazine major, Elisabeth A. Folsom

Newspaper major, Irene M.Virag


Advertising major, William Alan Eisner

Broadcast major, Geoffrey Allan Roth

Magazine major, Patricia Ann Broughton

Newspaper major, Paula Patrice Wilson


Advertising major, Candy S. Kaelin

Broadcast major, Alan Depp Cox

Magazine major, Victoria Simon

Newspaper major, Mary Barnes Bedell


Advertising major, Victoria Marie Nelson, Daniel H. Ryder

Broadcast major, Russell John Birkos

Magazine major, Rebecca Bricker

Newspaper major, Thomas R. Gillem


Advertising major, Mitchell Engel

Broadcast major, Michael Jon Anderson

Magazine major, Pamela Luecke

Newspaper major, May Goldberg


Advertising major, Brian Xavier Hurley

Magazine major, Eileen Marie Koontz, Peter Applebome

Newspaper major, Sylvia Gale Lewis

Broadcast majors, Patrice Antonia Fletcher, Jane Linda Horwitz


Advertising major, Victoria R. Sanders

Magazine major, Charitey Whitfield

Newspaper major, Deborah S. Orin

TV-Radio major, John M. Quarderer


Advertising major, Susan D. Kraus and Edward F. Murphy

Magazine major, Carolyn K. Colwell

Newspaper major, Clayton M. Ryce

TV-Radio major, Thomas W. Kinsell


Advertising major, Walter B. Todd

Magazine major, Lawrence D. Malone

Newspaper major, Roger C. Boye

TV-Radio major, Sherry L. Jones


Advertising major, Stanley Adam Wojteczko

Magazine major, Allen Ray Overmyer

Newspaper major, Lynn Sherwin Slovonsky

TV-Radio major, Jerome Henry Rudes 


Advertising major, Hicks Huntley Baldwin

Magazine major,

Sammye LaRue Malosky

Newspaper major, Eric Lee Zoeckler

TV-Radio major, Neil Lewis Clemons


Advertising major, Randall Dudley Grimm

Magazine major, Marilynn Renee Rush

Newspaper major, Timothy Dale Schellhardt

TV-Radio major, James Nisbet Dunlop, Gary Chester Morse


Advertising major, Thomas Patrick Sabin

Magazine major, Daniel Bruce Droege

TV-Radio major, Michael Russell Whitney


Advertising major, Walter Alexander Forbes

Magazine major, Carolyn Ann Langway

Newspaper major, Wesley James Christenson

TV-Radio major, Ronald Robert Schlachter


Advertising major, Robert Armstrong Fitzmaurice

Newspaper major, Charles Newton Wheeler

TV- Radio major, Albert Morton Crim


Advertising major, Edward Michael Feder

Magazine major, Henry du Bois Kisor

Newspaper major, Jere Waite Bruner

Television and Radio major, Stephen Scott Bell


Advertising major, Frederick William Frailey

Newspaper major, Richard Eugene Steele

Magazine major, Jeffrey Edward Lowenthal

Television and Radio major, Richard Neil Ostling


Advertising major, Michael Laurence Ray

Newspaper major, Otto Hermann Dietrich Schuler

Magazine major, Basilio Raymundo Mañago

Television and Radio major, Edwin Ross Croft


Advertising major, Lewis Carter Cady

News-Editorial major, Jimmy Lyn Hicks

Television and Radio major, Richard Davis Threlkeld


Advertising- Journalistic Management Field, Richard Alan Marseille

Magazine Field, Robert Bradner

News-Editorial Field, Mervin Judah Block

Radio-Television Field, Peter Brown Ballou


Advertising- Journalistic Management Sequence, David Alan Roe

Magazine Sequence, David Pond Forsyth

News-Editorial Sequence, Charles Edward Friederich

Radio-Television Sequence, Norman Lewis Frey


Advertising- Journalistic Management Sequence, John Massie Mutz

Magazine Sequence, Edward Kenzo Yasaki

News-Editorial Sequence, Lydia Ann Burman

Radio-Television Sequence, Stanley Kees Paulsen


Advertising-Journalistic Management Sequence, Randall Louis Chuck

Magazine Sequence, David Young Burkett, III

News-Editorial Sequence, Robert Nicholas Sorensen

Radio-Television Sequence, Thomas Edwin McDonald


Advertising and Journalistic Management Sequence, Richard James Dixon

Magazine Sequence, Robert Samuel Magee

News-Editorial Sequence, John William Kole and David Michael Mazie

Radio-Television Sequence, Robert Edge Mulholland and Roger Anderson Phil


Advertising-Business Management Sequence, Charles Richard Allen

Magazine Sequence, Melvin Walter Weimer

News-Editorial Sequence, Howard Raymond Fibich

Radio-Television Sequence, Raymond Carl Nelson


Advertising-Business Management Sequence, Michael Alexander Sitkiewicz, Jr.

Magazine Sequence, Richard Ellsworth Pokriefke

News-Editorial Sequence, Bevin Ray Alexander

Radio-Television Sequence, Marlowe Darrel Froke


Advertising-Business Management Sequence, Arthur Douglas Lyke

Magazine Sequence, Jeff Corydon, III

News-Editorial Sequence, Richard Brockway Stolley

Radio-Television Sequence, Richard Alan Morgan


Advertising-Business Management Sequence, Jack Zanville Sissors

Magazine Sequence, Richard Lynn Hildwein

News-Editorial Sequence, James Harold McCartney

Radio-Television Sequence, John Knight Williams


Advertising-Business Management Sequence, William Junior Roepke

Magazine Sequence, Richard Arthur Chatfield

News-Editorial Sequence, William Frederick Thomas, Jr.

Radio Sequence, Herbert Elias Kaplow


Advertising-Business Management Sequence, Henry Hamblin

Magazine Sequence, Arthur Goldsmith

News Sequence, Charles Perlik JR

Radio Sequence, Stephen Fentress


Advertising-Business Management Sequence, Durward Newsom

Magazine Sequence, Edwin Weigel

News Sequence, Genter Dahl

Radio Sequence, Edward Keath


Advertising-Business Management Sequence, Dik Warren Twedt

Magazine Sequence, Michael Robert Lesparre

News Sequence, Leonard Walter Halpert

Radio Sequence, James Edmund Murphy


Advertising-Business Management Sequence, Robert Misel Trump

Magazine Sequence, Ruth Mary Stoehr

News Sequence, Melvin Ernest Hodelll

Radio Sequence, Fred Madison Whiting, Jr.

1946 Clyde Benjamin Coulter

1945 Mary Ellen Ronald

1944 Shirley Mae Thomas

1943 Bruce Wilson

1942 Robert Goodwin

1941 Robert Edgar Buchanan

1940 Dozier Copeland Cade

1939 Marjorie Ann Mayland

1938 Constance Edith McClure

1937 Roderick Burton Holmgren