Journal of Integrated Marketing Communications Award

The Journal of Integrated Marketing Communications Award was established by professor Clarke Caywood and his wife, Mary Caywood. The award honors students for leadership in editing and managing this internationally distributed journal of theory and practice in public relations and integrated communications.

Professor Caywood, who is one of four faculty members who created Medill’s IMC program, is publisher and founder of the Journal of Integrated Marketing Communications. Founded in 1991, the journal is staffed by IMC students and aims to “provide readers an in-depth look into the types of complex issues industry practitioners are facing and how they are using the fundamental principles of IMC to tackle and solve those issues."

Recipients of the JIMC award are selected by the IMC faculty and honored at the graduation convocation.


2016 Kristine Brown, Jane Flis, Jiwon Ha

2015 Nicholas King, Lauren Parran, Joseph Woodard

2014 Emily London, Shreya Rai

2011 Lindsay Elizabeth Buhagiar, Sarah Elizabeth Smith

2010 Erik M. Johs, Melissa Elaina Morgan

2009 Ann Uthaiwan Chanpong Kuo, Paul Harry Sturm

2008 Katharine A. Byers, Winnie Yung-Tsin Ching

2007 Elena Jean Gerber, Sara Ann Webber

2006 Kathryn Love Pratt, Julia Anne Simpson

2005 Megan Kathleen Lawrence, Rachel Shaymon O’Konis, LeeAnn M. Peterson

2004 Debra Ceffalio, Mark McMaster

2003 Kristi Aileeen Grgeta, Karyn S. Margolis

2002 Joanne Fuschetto, Jana Nobles, Leslie Oleyar

2001 Jana Nobles, Leslie Oleyar

2000 Catherine Simonte, Elizabeth Smith

1999 Katie Kennedy, Brian Gill