Walter Dill Scott Award

The Walter Dill Scott Award is named for the 10th president of Northwestern University, a psychologist and pioneer in advertising and marketing communications education. He wrote several books on advertising psychology. As president of Northwestern from 1919 to 1939, Scott stabilized the university’s finances, expanded the Evanston campus and developed the Chicago campus. He established several of Northwestern’s schools, including Medill in 1921.

Recipients of the Walter Dill Scott Award are selected by the IMC faculty and honored at the graduation convocation.


2015 Jaeyeon Choi, Burcak Semerci, Nandita Vaidyanathan, Agnes Wasilewski

2014 Benedict Guerra, Rui Tang

2013 Daniel Eric Jennis, Lamia Pardo Figueroa

2012 Alex Greenwald, Qingqing Li, Obehi Oyedolapo Omokwale

2011 Kevin Patrick Byrne, Shan Fang

2010 Jeffrey Gordon Mulcock, Alexandra Walford

2009 Rachelle Goh, Carly Alayne Kouba

2008 Micheline-Marie Sabatté, Haejin Suh

2007 Jenna Massey, Jennifer Reigh Robitaille

2006 Emily G. Albright, Alana Diane Moretti

2005 Josephine Curran, Lucinda Marie Hill

2004 Natalie Kristen Herring, Matthew Ryan Larson

2003 Kristen Suzanne Angle, Nicole Daphne Tricoukes

2001Ilina Ewen, Nancy Ho

2000: Ayesha Kumar, Adrianna Schneider

1999Sandra Eynon, Katie Kennedy, Babu Monie, Sheena Steiner