Our Core Values and Beliefs

We Are Global

The boundaries separating people from one another and from information they want and need will only continue to evaporate.  This is why Medill continues to expand its global reach and presence. At any given time, our students can be found working at and visiting news organizations, NGOs and corporations across Europe, Asia, Africa, and South and Central America.

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We Are Timeless and Timely

Medill’s commitment to education has always been rooted in timeless critical-thinking skills coupled with leading-edge applications.  As we continue to face new challenges, we combine our understanding of “how it has been done” with invention and creativity geared toward “how best to apply it.” This is evident in all we do, from faculty research to student coursework to new knowledge created here.

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We Are Whole-Brained Communicators

We love the power generated by today’s data explosion to inform solutions and stories. We also love the power of creativity and ideas.  In a world where any individual or institution can become an active media outlet, multiskilled communicators are those who will lead. 

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We Are Medillians

Medill graduates become lifelong members of a mighty yet close-knit alumni network that has more than 15,000 Medill grads and hundreds of thousands of Northwestern alums, including Scott Bergren (BSJ68, MSJ69), CEO of Pizza Hut, pictured here with IMC graduates. You’ll find opportunities for connections around the world with alumni who are working as journalists for major news organizations, launching global digital enterprises, actively engaging in the rapid evolution of marketing communications ... and more. The alumni network is a priceless resource for the entire Northwestern community.

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We Are Passionate About Insights

At Medill we strive to understand people, their behaviors and their motivations. This is the foundation for discovering insights that fuel relevant and engaging connections and inspire action between people, brands and enterprises.

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We Are Real World

Medill is rooted in applied learning through hands-on work experiences. Journalism and IMC students participate in live issues, projects and challenges.  From field reporting to actual cases and daily business challenges at the world's leading companies, students create solutions that are real-world tested and applied.

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