Financial Aid Information for Prospective Graduate Journalism Students

Medill awards more than $2 million in institutional scholarships and grants as well as donor- and corporate-sponsored scholarships to graduate journalism students each year. The Office of Graduate Admissions and Financial Aid also awards financial aid (for U.S. citizens and permanent residents) in the form of federal loans. In combination, these resources enable Medill to support a student’s entire calculated financial aid need.

Currently about 80 percent of all Medill graduate students receive some form of financial aid, including need-based loans and grants. Merit-based scholarships are awarded to selected admitted students based on their applications.

Types of Aid:

Merit Scholarships

Merit scholarships are awarded based on the application for admission. A majority of these scholarships are awarded with the offer of admission; some may be awarded later in the process. Students who are awarded merit scholarships will be notified by letter, and their financial aid will be adjusted accordingly.

Medill-NU Grant

The Medill-NU Grant is awarded to students based on academic merit and financial need. Financial need is determined according to information on the FAFSA and Medill application for financial aid.

Federal Loans

The federal loan program offers the most cost-effective borrowing options for students, including the Perkins, Stafford and/or GradPLUS loans. These are based on eligibility and financial need and may be consolidated after graduation. If you are offered any of these loans, consider accepting them due to their significant financial advantage over private educational loans.

For additional information on the U.S. Department of Education's Federal Direct Stafford Loan, please visit


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