Alex Weaver

Managing Editor, Bostinno

Alex Weaver grew up knowing he wanted to pursue a career in writing. But it wasnt until he graduated with an English degree and spent time copywriting for marketing departments that he realized journalism was his calling.

“I knew by then that journalism was the next step in my career ladder,” Weaver says. “For the types of writing that really appealed to me – creative, more long-form, experiential pieces, the ones where you go do something or go meet someone and write about it and bring the audience with you – I knew Id need concrete journalism training. I felt like getting a masters was a necessary step for me.”

Boston was always the plan post-graduation from Medill—Weavers wife was in grad school studying psychology at Tufts University. So in 2012 Weaver began to pursue job leads in Beantown. A friend of a friend had recently started a media company called Streetwise Media. Weaver got hired as a business writer at BostInno, a website owned by Streetwise. Not long after, he transitioned into a lifestyle writer role at BostInno.

“BostInno was everything I wanted in a media outlet,” Weaver says. “It was young, edgy, had a lot of voice and wrote about topics that are relevant to young professionals.”

After about a year  as a lifestyle writer, Weaver was named managing editor of BostInno—a position he held until recently, when he became lifestyle editor. He says hes excited about this change in roles, which now allows him more time to write than his managing editor position did.

In addition to his career in journalism, Weaver has added entrepreneur to his resume. Weaver, along with Jess Garbarino, the wife of Streetwise founder Chase Garbarino, co-founded a mens apparel start-up called Brunswick Park. The company merges performance fabrics with everyday and office styles, and hosted a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015 that exceeded their fundraising goal. Now Brunswick Park is working on fulfilling their orders to campaign supporters and rolling out the brand to consumers. 

“Thats been a whole other experience outside of journalism, and Ive learned a ton,” Weaver says. “Ive written about style and fashion for BostInno for so long, and its interesting to be on the other side of that pitch. It’s let me know theres a strong and growing ecosystem here in Boston. Were humbled to be a part of it.”