Alison Scholly

Executive Director of Channel X, Public Media Company

When Alison Scholly (MSJ94) graduated from Medill, she was one of the first of her peers to accept an online role. Now, she’s the executive director of Channel X for Public Media Company. Scholly's prior role was COO of Chicago Public Media.

 She began her career as an “electronic information specialist” at the Tribune Media Services and quickly realized the value of her Medill education. “As the Internet exploded with new ways of providing information, I was able to draw on my education to help apply the practices of magazines, newspapers, and broadcast to this entirely new channel,” she says. 

The best part about attending Medill was the opportunity to spend a year focusing on the most interesting aspects of journalism. For her, that meant taking classes in business and arts reporting, copyediting, design, and media law. “I took media law almost 20 years ago, and I'm still calling on what I learned then to help me in my current role,” she says.