Antonia Cereijido

Associate Producer, NPR Latino USA
Antonia Cereijido

Antonia Cereijido (BSJ14) is an Associate Producer for NPR’s Latino USA and a recent graduate of Medill, where she majored in broadcast journalism with a minor in Spanish. In her role, Antonia has covered everything – her current two beats include education and technology - but enjoys health, science and in-depth stories the most. She also contributes to the Huffington Post for their entertainment section. Antonia was born in Spanish Harlem but grew up in Southern California. As a daughter of two immigrant Argentinians, Antonia cares about telling the stories of people whose voices don’t always get heard.

When it comes to Medill, Antonia says, “I really love Medill, it is a wonderful place to grow. I set up my own JR which would have been impossible without Professor Cecilia Vaisman.” Professor Vaisman, also the daughter of Argentine immigrants, worked in radio and helped Antonia set up a JR focused on public radio even though Medill did not offer a radio track. “I was so excited to have a faculty member I could relate to and also look up to,” said Cereijido. Professor Vaisman connected Antonia to her now boss, Maria Hinojosa, the Executive Producer and Anchor for Latino USA.  After interning for NPR’s Latino USA for her JR, Antonia knew that she wanted to work in public radio. “When they offered to hire me post-graduation, I just about passed out,” said Cereijido, “I am excited to go to work every day.”

Antonia’s piece about a controversial figure in Latin America is titled, “La Malinche: Mexico’s Eve,” and taught her something that Medill could not - receiving feedback online from people who read your work is “both awesome and terrifying.” She said, “Subjects like La Malinche are controversial and people take it to heart. You have to prepare yourself for harsh criticism. It takes some getting used to. It’s nice, though, that people care enough to share their feelings about your work.” Antonia said one of the great things about the Latino community is it’s a very rich community with a lot of diversity. “I feel lucky to have such a big variety of stories at Latino USA.”

Antonia recently published a story about “Bridging the Word Gap,” that tells about how children born into poverty hear fewer words and vocabulary than their more affluent peers. In the piece, she writes about bridging the world gap through talking, reading and teaching your child words and helping them understand basic concepts so that they can be ready to learn more easily when they get to school. Antonia said covering these stories allows her to keep building towards becoming a better radio producer. “Going to work at NPR’s Latino USA is really fun; I love being a part of a team where I get to bounce ideas off of others,” Cereijido said.

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