Austin Wright

Vice President, Strategic Planning, Ansira

Austin Wright (IMC01) is the vice president, strategic planning for Ansira, an agency that partners with top marketers, such as Dominos and Panera, to develop both long-term engagement strategies and quick-response digital tactics. He oversees the analysis of “mountains of data” to provide the insights and direction that turn 1s and 0s into action. Though he historically developed engagement strategies around loyalty programs, he has found that loyalty programs are built upon engagement platforms.

At its core, Medil IMC taught him how to communicate the complex in a simple way. Wright recalls a specific winter afternoon in Professor Edward Malthouse's class when the light bulb went off: As a student, he understood the simple fact that most marketers have plutonium stored in their databases and they aren't leveraging it properly. “I became extremely excited about my future impact on the business world,” says Wright.