Ben Rogers

Managing Director of Research, Filene Research Institute
Ben Rogers

Ben Rogers (MSJ05) is the research director at the Filene Research Institute, a nonprofit 20-person think tank for the consumer finance industry. In addition to mapping the changing face of retail banking, Rogers manages the institute's research pipeline by corralling staff researchers, academics, writers, and designers. Filene specializes in cooperative finance, including credit unions, which has given him the chance to work with universities and researchers all over the world. 

“Almost every day I go back to first-principles at Medill,” Roger says. “Who is your audience to begin with? What's the lede? Why should they keep reading? The hardest people to work with are academics, not because they're unwilling to answer these questions, but because they're so used to writing to each other that they often forget why the public should care about their work. I finished the magazine track at Medill, and visual storytelling, calling out insights, and making cross-disciplinary connections are key to what I do, even though I don't actually work at a magazine.”

Rogers works in Madison, Wisconsin, which he says has a lot of the amenities he loved in Evanston: great food, university culture, and an active civic life.

“Even though I don't share a city with any of my Medill cohort, I've collaborated with nearly a dozen of my classmates over the years, either as a source, in hiring freelancers, or in making professional connections.”