Christen Carter

Director of Digital Media , Texas Christian University

Christen Carter (MSJ11) is the director of digital media at Texas Cristian University. She is also an adjunct professor at Texas Christian University.

She previously worked as the creative director at Caffeinery, a boutique web design firm for small businesses, and as a user experience (UX) designer at Hiplogiq, a Dallas-based firm that creates web-based apps for small businesses and agencies. In her role at Hiplogiq, Carter put together prototypes and mockups for social media software. In addition, she did testing with users to improve the design. 

She credits the media product design classes she took while at Medill for her interest in user experience and when she graduated, she decided to learn more about it and pursue that area.

“I would say that when I started at Medill, I planned to have a traditional journalism career,” says Carter. “But I became interested in the tech side and UX design. Medill gives you a lot of skills that you can bring into any job or career. I took Product Development and Audience Understanding, which makes you think about how they are going to use the product and how they are different from you.”

She describes Dallas as sort of a very small, big city. “I lived in Chicago and did my undergrad at NU (WCAS06),” Carter says.  “In between, I was in San Francisco. Dallas is a big city but it doesn’t feel very big. There’s a huge metro area, but it doesn’t feel sprawling. You can easily drive anywhere you want to drive and you’re not searching around for a parking spot. I like that about it.”

Finally, Carter says that the best part of her Medill experience was the relationships she developed with both fellow students and professors. She often gets in touch with former professors to ask for their advice and opinions; her former classmates have gone on to work at incredible companies, strengthening the Medill network, which she finds invaluable.