Cindy Chupack

Author, Television Producer, Fox Television

Photo credit:  Bradford Rogne

Cindy Chupack (BSJ83) recently finished writing her second book, a comic memoir called The Longest Date: Life as a Wife, which was released by Viking in January 2014 to critical acclaim. She’s currently creating a single-camera TV comedy for Fox based on that book with New Girl executive producer Jake Kasdan. She is writing the script and will executive-produce. Chupack is also preparing to direct her first feature and just completed an assignment for Afar magazine, fulfilling a long-time dream of hers: travel writing.

Medill taught Chupack how to write on deadline (“very helpful in Hollywood,” she says) and how to write objectively. “Although being forced to write objectively taught me that I did not want to write objectively. I wanted to be able to inject my own comic point of view,” she says. This passion eventually led her to write for advertising, sitcoms, comic essays, and spoken word.

 She has very fond memories of her Teaching Media (currently Journalism Residency) quarter, during which she was assigned to work at a newspaper near Binghamton, New York. For her first feature, she covered the longest school bus route in the area. (She was assigned to ride the bus with the kids in the morning and afternoon.) The final product was a long, Sunday feature full of stories, characters, and humor. “That was my first taste of more creative storytelling, be it in journalism or elsewhere.”