Elizabeth Paige Fierman

Manager for Events and Marketing, ESPN
Elizabeth Fierman

Elizabeth Fierman (IMC15) is a manager for events and marketing at ESPN. In her role, she develops remote broadcast events and marketing programs for ESPN Audio.

Elizabeth says the most valuable thing she learned was the difference between Medill’s IMC program and a traditional MBA program.

“John Greening said something I loved, when comparing IMC to an MBA. He said ‘an MBA is inside out. They come up with a product and then find the audience, while IMC is outside in. Start with customer needs and then invent the product.’ I think that’s such a simple, effective way to explain IMC to those that are not familiar.”

Elizabeth studied in the IMC Online program and was surprised by the connections made with classmates.

“I’m surprised by how much I learned from my classmates, even though we are dispersed all over the world,” she said.

What’s your coolest career experience to date?
I’ve loved college hockey ever since I was the men’s hockey team manager at Boston University. My first year at ESPN, I got to work on researching the NCAA Men’s Ice Hockey Selection Show and worked in the studio prepping John Buccigross, Aaron Ward and Barry Melrose, which was an incredible experience.

What are your hobbies outside of the classroom?
I love sports and musical theater – although I’m no star athlete or actress, I certainly appreciate watching those far more talented than I am. I also love to travel and cook and am trying very hard to make myself enjoy running (jury’s still out on that one).

What has been the most valuable class you’ve taken?
By far and away, IMC 490 – IMC Leadership has been the most valuable class I’ve taken. Spending almost a week with my classmates on campus in Evanston was a life-changing experience for me. 

What has been the biggest surprise of the program?
How much I have bonded with and learned from my classmates, even though we are dispersed all over the world.