Jeffrey Lee

Director of Content, Hanley Wood Marketing

Jeffrey Lee (BSJ05, MSJ06) pursued his career aspirations but still found himself in unfamiliar journalistic territory writing and editing for construction-based publications. He loves his work, though, and says he continues to encounter fascinating and exciting challenges.

“Coming out of school, I had my heart set on working in the magazine field in D.C., and so I explored every option I could find to make that happen,” Lee says. “I never expected to be working in the construction field, but the world of niche and trade publishing has given me the opportunity to do what I dreamed of doing in school.”

In 2006 Lee started writing and reporting articles for Building Products, a magazine targeted towards residential builders and remodelers. He also helped create a new builder’s magazine called EcoHome. After some time covering the green building beat, Lee became a staff writer for the National Apartment Association’s Units magazine in 2009 and eventually was promoted to manager of communications. He is now director of content at Hanley Wood, a company that develops information and data services for builders, where he says he is learning to develop content that responds to his clients’ specific needs.

“One thing I learned coming out of Medill is that there are a lot of opportunities in journalism that you don’t think about when you’re first aspiring to be a journalist,” Lee says. “You never know where you'll find your next dream job. Identify what it is you love about your career, and think about different or unexpected ways you can do that kind of work.”