Jenny Fukumoto

Digital Marketing Manager, Jellyvision
Jenny Fukumoto

Los Angeles native and alumna Jenny Fukumoto (BSJ09) studied journalism at Medill and is now a digital marketing manager at Jellyvision.  In her role, Fukumoto oversees the company's employee communication platfrom ALEX, leads generation efforts and oversees Jellyvision's and ALEX's social media presences. 

Previous to her job in Jellyvision, Fukumoto was the audience development and brand marketing manager at AMOS Media in Chicago. There, she directed marketing and outreach campaigns, designed, executed and analyzed audience development and assured the brand and magazines are adequately represented in newsstands.

She credits conducting case studies on Tiffany & Co. in the Introduction to Advertising class she took while at Medill for her interest in the power of branding. On switching from journalism to a marketing career, Fukumoto praises the foundation of storytelling that she learned at Medill that helped her transition. “Writing well is a skill that is in high demand and there are fewer people who know how to turn a story around quickly,” Fukumoto said.

She offers advice to students who, like her, question going the traditional journalism route. “If you love storytelling then stick with it because an education from Medill is phenomenal,” Fukumoto said. “I feel like any degree you get from Northwestern is going to be marketable.”

She also said students should focus on what they enjoy doing and apply that to the position they are seeking. Fukumoto believes that’s more important than the degree they obtain.

Finally, she says, choosing Medill was easy because she knew that the industry was changing and that Medill was going to be ahead of those changes - it’s very much a 360 degree multimedia journalism education. “I knew that if I went to a school with a great liberal arts education – I would graduate knowing I would be better prepared for the world in four years than I would be at other schools,” she said. “I’m really glad I stuck with Medill.”