Jessica Prois

Executive Editor, Impact and Good News, Huffington Post

Jessica Prois (MSJ09) is the editor of the Huffington Post Impact section, dedicated to news and blogs covering domestic and global humanitarian issues. ( She edits and writes stories that include quick web hits on social activism, longer features on human rights issues, and blogs written by policy experts and advocates. Her day also includes 24/7 social media, meetings, and the occasional midday work-provided beer break!

Medill made her realize that journalism, at its very best, truly sheds light on those who need it most. “It inspired me to want to do the type of writing I do today,” she says. Not only did she learn reporting and writing skills, but she also learned to approach storytelling with a real acuity — to be innovative in sourcing stories, to be compassionate when covering human interest stories, to be obstinate when covering hard breaking news, and to be as original of a thinker as possible all around. On the web side, she learned to think conceptually and creatively, gaining the actual technical skills of HTML coding and video and web producing, all of which are essential knowledge in newsrooms today. 

For her magazine capstone project, an active family travel publication, she traveled to Puerto Rico to write what was “definitely not a recklessly loose Hunter S. Thompson-esque article, but was great fun nonetheless.” She also loved collaborating with a creative and talented group of classmates, many of whom she works with and sees regularly in New York.