Josh Grau

Director of Global Content Strategy & Partner Marketing, Twitter

Josh Grau (IMC04) is the head of global content strategry and partner marketing at Twitter. The Global Media team works directly with media companies, highprofile influencers and digital creators to deliver the best content across Twitter’s platforms.

Previously, he was the director of brand strategy at Twitter Europe. The Brand Strategy team works with the world’s top advertisers to develop strategic and creative marketing solutions that help connect brands to specific target audiences. Based in Dublin, Grau oversaw teams in the European markets where the company has launched its advertising platform, including The Netherlands (Amsterdam), France (Paris), Spain (Madrid), the UK (London), and Ireland (Dublin). He helped the company continue its efforts to expand across the continent.

He praises the Medill IMC curriculum for challenging conventional thinking: The program gives students unique perspectives into various areas of marketing, enables strategic and creative thinking, and teaches how to truly integrate across multi-channel platforms. “I feel like the Medill IMC program is part of my professional DNA, and I've carried examples and lessons from my days in the classroom with me into every role I've had since graduating,” he says.

One of the most impactful moments at Medill IMC happened during his first day of class with Associate Professor Paul Wang in the first quarter. Wang shared with the class a story of Maya Lin, the Asian-American architect who designed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial as a Yale undergrad, and explained the basic principles of marketing through her experiences. “I remember not quite knowing where he was headed with that example, but I ended the class truly amazed,” says Grau. “It was that day I knew Medill IMC was going to be an unforgettable experience.”