Julianne Waldron

Associate Athletic Director of Marketing and External Affairs, University of Louisville

Julianne Waldron (IMC02) worked in radio communications before enrolling in the IMC program. She now works as the Associate Athletic Director of Marketing and External Affairs at the University of Louisville.

First as a news analysis coordinator and deputy director of radio for the White House and later as director of radio for Democratic leader Richard Gephardt and the Democratic Caucus, Waldron managed politicians’ radio and internet presence. She set up interviews, advised leaders about multimedia outreach plans and produced audio and video content. Waldron said she quit her job and enrolled in IMC because she was starting to feel pigeonholed in radio and wanted to learn more about the strategic side of media relations.

“It really paid dividends for me because my ability to wrap my head around a problem or potential solution became far more strategic and I can now pitch plans that I didn’t know how to craft before IMC,” Waldron said. “How to write marketing communications plans, how to look at data and turn it into a useful strategy, how to ask questions and make media relations a marketing tactic… All of those abilities together I acquired because of Northwestern and it made me more effective for my roles that followed.”

Since graduation, Waldron has developed marketing strategies for NASCAR teams and tracks as a sports marketing coordinator for Ashland, Inc., and worked for the New Jersey Nets. While working for the Nets she developed and managed the “Shoot to Be Green” initiative, making the team the National Basketball Association’s first green organization.

“It was a big deal in 2005 because no one else had done it, but also we were moving to a new arena (the Barclays Center), so we needed to figure out what to do to get sponsors for the center,” Waldron said. “Being a part of a green organization at the time helped attract them.”

In 2009 Waldron was hired as director of government relations at the University of Louisville and she became director of brand marketing, her current position, in 2010. She manages the school’s ad campaigns as well as external publications, making sure content aligns with administrators’ goals of portraying the school as an increasingly competitive research institution.

Waldron recently started Louisville’s first ever sponsorship development program. She said she is modeling the program after the work she did with the New Jersey Nets.