Kari McMullen

Customer Communications Strategy Team Member, State Farm Insurance
Kari McMullen

Kari McMullen (IMC15) studied Integrated Marketing Communications online at Medill and is a customer communications strategy team member at State Farm Insurance. In her role, her team creates documents and content that influences business decisions.        

She says Northwestern demonstrated to her how important the consumer really is.

“I have taken other business courses, and the focus has often been about profit,” she said. “The IMC Online program has shown me that in order to increase those profits, the customer needs to always be considered top priority.”

She credits the Communications and Persuasive Messages course in IMC Online for teaching her to write better persuasive messages and develop a better understanding of how to influence consumer decision.

McMullen said she assumed IMC Online would not be a primary focus of Medill professors.

“I assumed that most of the work I would learn about would be encouraged, but often self-taught through readings,” she said. “I have been pleasantly surprised at how engaged the professors have been, and how much they genuinely care about the content that we learn and our success as IMC students and future graduates.”