Kate Ward

Editor-in-Chief , Bustle.com
Kate Ward

Kate Ward (BSJ07) is the Editor-in-Chief at Bustle.com, a company that covers news, entertainment, fashion and beauty and lifestyle. In her role, Ward oversees editorial and determines what the best content is to be delivered to Bustle’s audience. “People can enjoy what Bustle is offering but also get important news at the same time,” said Ward.

Ward was a journalism “Cherub” student in 2002. She said her Cherub experience at Northwestern was “a great opportunity to check out the school,” and were among the best weeks of her life. Not only did she meet her three best friends in the program, it taught her important fundamentals about journalism. “I loved the craft and learned responsibility and ethics. I had amazing instructors and was able to sit down with professors at 17-years old. That type of experience gave me the confidence to start in journalism. Being able to feel confident to research correctly, and reporting was valuable.” The Cherub program, “confirmed that I wanted to study at Medill desperately,” Ward said.

During her undergraduate studies, Ward wrote for the Daily Northwestern for three quarters and said it taught her how to do a job with other people. “It was good to be able to have that experience to understand how to speak up or when stand back--lessons that I took into the professional setting today The Journalism Residency program was very helpful in getting myself in the door at certain publications.” Interning at Glamour Magazine allowed her to, “dig into all forms of journalism.” Upon graduation, she wanted to focus in a certain area and honed in on entertainment. Ward worked for Entertainment Weekly and noted it was a great way to get her feet wet. “What better thing to do when you are 22 in New York than to report on things you love?” she said.

When she arrived at Bustle, the company was evolving quite a bit. “When I came on board, we were four editorial employees and I primarily focused on building up our entertainment vertical,” Ward said. Bustle recently received funding which allows her to oversee editorial and focus on growing Bustle’s quality and perspective. Ward calls 2015 the year of growth for Bustle. ”Having a stake in a company is great. I can never imagine not working at a start-up. It is such a great atmosphere. I don’t want to recognize Bustle a year from now. I always want to have to figure out ways to be different and innovative. It is such a good time for that mindset right now. We don’t know what is ahead of us, but I am excited to continue to explore that and to give readers something unexpected on Bustle,” Ward said.