Lily Fu

Senior Producer,

Lily Fu (MSJ03) is helping people fuel their passion for travel. As a producer at Travelzoo, an online publisher of travel, local, and entertainment deals, she works with airlines, vacation packagers, and online travel agencies to come up with deals. Then she finds the best way to position and promote them, making the deals too irresistible for subscribers to pass up.

Much of her job involves client management and making sure the client's business model and goals are clearly understood from the start. She likens this to how a journalist should never stop asking questions to ensure that he has the whole story, and Medill did a great job at teaching her how to do just that. The various reporting classes also taught her how to clearly communicate the finer points of a deal to subscribers so that they understand what makes a deal worth booking.

For her New Media capstone class, she and about 15 classmates did a consulting project with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel; they crafted and presented design and content prototypes for both the printed newspaper and website. A staff of amazing faculty coached them through the process.

“It was an interesting time to get involved with a project like that, just as newspapers were starting to focus more on how presentation of content online should be a very different experience than print,” she says. “On top of that, it was just a really fun quarter collaborating and hanging out with my fellow MSJs, like Andrew Wang, Tina Cha, Esther Kang, Andrew Satter and Damon Carroll.”