Lindsay Muscato

Communications Consultant, Lindsay Muscato-Consulting
Lindsay Muscato

Lindsay Muscato (BSJ02) returned to Chicago to work on nonprofit and civic media projects, with a special focus on technology. She previously served as assistant editor of Source (, a hub for the journalism code community run by OpenNews. She recently edited a book by the Smart Chicago Collaborative on user testing for civic apps.

Lindsay Muscato spent four years as managing director of The Neo-Futurists, a company of writers and performers that produces Chicago's long-running show “Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind.”

Muscato has freelanced and worked at nonprofit organizations in Chicago, Washington and New York. She also worked as a resident with the Harpswell Foundation and a writer with AsiaLIFE magazine in Cambodia. 

Muscato is also part of the founding team of WRITE CLUB, a competitive live show for writers with chapters in Chicago, Atlanta, Toronto, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

"Medill helped me learn how to tell a great story, conceptualize a creative project, work with a dynamic team and ask fearless questions,” Muscato said.  "Medill also prepared me to dive into new challenges, learn quickly and work with precision. These skills have been applicable to everything I've done, no matter the platform."