Mari Fagel

Legal Reporter, Web Show Host for "Justice is Served"

Mari Fagel, a BSJ09 and MSJ10 graduate, graduated from UCLA Law School in Spring, 2015. During law school, she interned for the California Court of Appeal and the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office where she worked in the Major Crimes division. She currenlty hosts a weekly web show  "Justice is Served" covering the latest legal news. Fagel continues to provide legal analysis, most recently on KNX, KGO and The Reelz Network.

Fagil was employed the July after her graduation as an on-air reporter for NY1 News. She says getting the job was made possible by the strong resume she built while at Medill.  Today, she is known as “Your Legal Lady,” and is a reporter, host and analyst dedicated to covering headline legal news. She is a regular contributor to Huffington Post and Yahoo News, where she has written about high-profile cases, including Jodi Arias, George Zimmerman, Jerry Sandusky and Dr. Conrad Murray.

Her legal analysis has been featured on CNN, Geraldo Rivera, HLN online, CBS News radio, HuffPost Live, BBC radio, CrimeTime with Candice DeLong, Salon, BlogHer and Galtime. She is the founder of  "Your Legal Lady", a blog devoted to covering high-profile legal and crime news.

Fagel interned for NBC after her sophomore year in 2007 and was invited back the next year to help cover the action leading up to the 2008 presidential election. After some time spent covering news in Washington D.C. and urban politics in Chicago as a master’s degree student, Fagel says she had developed the writing, shooting and editing skills to be a well-qualified “one-man band” reporter.

Fagel covered many kinds of local news at NY1, but she says legal news stories interested her most. Coupled with her fond memories of law-oriented journalism and political science classes at Northwestern, Fagel said enjoyment of covering crimes and court proceedings made her want to become a legal analyst.

“In grad school I did a mock trial in [professor] Owen Youngman’s class,” Fagel says. “We were debating paywall, and I loved it. I got up there and I was arguing for the paywall and I was really exhilarated by it. When I was reporting it reminded me of how I enjoyed that experience, so I decided to combine journalism and law and see if I could make a career out of both.” Now Fagel is leaving NY1 for UCLA Law School, but she’s already established an online identity as “Your Legal Lady.” It’s the name of the blog she started in November 2011 about high-profile crime and it also appears next to her name on the articles she contributes to Huffington Post and Yahoo News.

“I try to make what I write digestible,” Fagel says. “I thought the name [Your Legal Lady] would appeal to some people who thought legal news was over their heads.”

Fagel has a busy schedule—she co-hosts a weekly web show with Jon Leiberman (BSJ97), a former America’s Most Wanted correspondent, and contributes to Your Legal Rights, a Tuesday night program on WWRL 1600 AM radio in New York. She also spends time responding to her readers; she says she answered up to 50 legal questions a day on Twitter during the height of former Pen State football coach Jerry Sandusky’s well-publicized trial. She did this all while also reporting news daily for NY1 and says she will continue her legal news analysis throughout law school.

“I definitely don’t want to give up journalism,” Fagel says. “I’m going to keep doing my blogging, webcast and radio show and when I’m done with school we’ll see where it takes me. I could do a mix of the two and practice [law] and just come on as an analyst, or I could go back into journalism as a reporter and host.”