Megan Miller

Director of Content, Pay Your Selfie
Megan Miller (MSJ13)

Megan Miller (MSJ13) is the Director of Content for Pay Your Selfie – a startup founded by another Medill graduate, Michelle Smyth (IMC05) - that pays users to take selfies of themselves performing specific tasks. The photos are then used to help achieve the marketing objectives of and gain visibility for Pay Your Selfie’s clients. In her role, Miller meets with clients to understand their current marketing objectives, audiences and brand engagement. Then, she helps create selfie tasks and supporting content for the clients that visually communicate specific brand messages to drive engagement.

Miller said her graduate journalism classes at Medill helped best prepare her for the job at Pay Your Selfie – specifically those taught by esteemed faculty Patti Wolter and Owen Youngman.

“I learned [from them] how content could be monetized, and how you create sustainable platforms for great content,” Miller said.

Miller’s preparation for her current position at Pay Your Selfie came from a role developing the first sponsored content strategy for the Chicago Sun-Times. As their Editor of Branded Content, Miller oversaw all aspects of editorial production, content optimization and sales, and made sure content-targeted industries, including health care, technology, finance, food, retail, politics and public affairs. Before that, she worked for organizations like the AP, the Medill News Service and the Superior Catholic Herald.