Michelle Smyth

Co-founder and CEO, Pay Your Selfie
Michelle Smyth

Michelle Smyth (IMC05) is the co-founder and CEO of Pay Your Selfie, a startup that pays users to take selfies of them performing specific tasks. The photos are then used to help solve the marketing objectives of and gain visibility for Pay Your Selfie’s clients. The selfie campaigns are run on the Pay Your Selfie mobile platform, available for iOS and Android, where users can access the tasks and get paid 20 cents to $1 each to complete them.

Launched in Sept. 2015, the company that give brands a human face behind their marketing personas has already found success. The online app has doubled the number of users since launch and has more than 100,000 selfies taken. They’ve also seen their client list grow to include some top names, like Crest, Freshii and SkinnyPop, among others. The company also recently added a CTO to their three-woman team.

Before Pay Your Selfie, Smyth worked as the Director of Marketing for LaunchPoint Corporation and Discovery Health Partners. There, she helped lead all marketing, thought leadership and communications for the healthcare analytics services and solutions provider. She also worked for companies like Hewlett-Packard, Ketchum and S&S Public Relations.

Smyth lives with her husband and children in Chicago, Illinois.