Nushin Huq

Reporter, Bloomberg BNA
Nushin Huq

Nushin Huq (MSJ05) is the Houston correspondent for Bloomberg BNA, where she covers legal news pertinent to BNA publications such as energy, health and tax issues. Prior to joining Bloomberg BNA, Huqwas an associate editor with McGraw-Hill and she was a market reporter for Platts, where she covered electricity and oil swaps markets.

Huq graduated from the University of Texas with a journalism degree and had professional reporting and writing experience, but the graduate program at Medill taught her to take her reporting skills to a higher level, especially the economics reporting quarter.

“My professional background has been in business reporting,” Huq says. “The skills I learned in the economics quarter I’ve been using since day one as a professional reporter. My years at Medill gave me the skills and confidence to cover complex business-related stories.”

 Since graduating from Medill, Huq says the alumni network has helped her find jobs in different cities. Medill’s reputation with perspective employers has also helped during job searches.

“Not only did the program at Medill teach me to become a better reporter and writer, but it has helped me in job interviews,” Huq says.

In addition to the economics quarter at Medill, Huq also took the legal quarter as well as the arts reporting quarter. She says she learned valuable skills in all her classes, and she values the connections she made in the university.