Sarah Eva Monroe

Creative Director, LimeRed Studio

Sarah Eva Monroe (IMC10) said she knew she wasn’t done with school after receiving an art degree from Tulane University in 2000.

Monroe worked as a freelance web designer and online communications specialist until 2008 when she went back to school. She says she avoided MBA programs when looking for graduate schools because she didn’t want a job without a creative component.

“Some people say marketing is the intersection of art and science and IMC is exactly right there,” Monroe says. “You still get to create things and you find creative solutions to problems, but you use data to do it.”

Monroe enrolled in the IMC part-time program while she worked as director of interactive marketing for TCS Education System, an education management organization. After graduation in 2010 she became director of digital strategy at Lipman Hearne, a large marketing and communications firm that serves the nonprofit sector. In 2012 she became a senior advertising strategist for the Obama campaign.

“One of the things that was useful about my Medill education was that it allowed me to jump vertical,” Monroe says. “When I decided to go to Lipman Hearne my degree helped me get there. When I moved on I had little political experience, but the degree helped make the job a reality.”

At Obama for America, Monroe was part of the digital ads team that manages all of the campaign’s online ads. They both produce content and ensure optimal placement according to consumer insights. Monroe said the customer-centric approach to marketing she learned from IMC gave her a useful perspective for the job.

“With social media giving consumers more and more of a voice in how brands are perceived in the market place, it’s not going to be long until everyone has to use this approach,” Monroe says. “IMC just affirms what’s pretty clear: you should design what your customers want rather than what your company prefers.”

Today, Monroe is Creative Director for LimeRed Studio, a design and development think tank, solving complicated questions for their clients about social responsibility, marketing, communications and impact measurement. As creative director, she leads all creative work for their clients, always refining the process with which we approach client work.

IMC affirms what’s pretty clear: you should design what your customers want rather than what your company prefers.