Steven Silver

Associate, McBeen & Kopko
Steve Silver

Steven Silver (BSJ08) became a sports journalist during his many internships at Medill. After graduation, he worked as a multimedia sports journalist for the Las Vegas Sun, covering everything from the World Series of Poker to the PGA Tour. 

Then, just two years later, Steve entered law school. He is now an associate at McBreen & Kopko in Philadelphia.

Steve found he was able to combine his love of sports and his passion for journalism in his new career. As an attorney, he specializes in several areas, including gaming law and sports law. As a sports journalist, Steve founded and writes for a sports law blog, The Legal Blitz. Steve has also had several sports law articles and columns featured in various national publications.

“Whether I'm writing a blog post or a motion for federal court, I know how to write for a specific audience in an accessible manner without burying the lead,” Steve says. “Additionally, the interviewing skills I learned at Medill have served me quite well in depositions and trial preparation.” 

Steve has also been ghost writing a book about a basketball coach's journey after putting his son up for adoption. Michael Oher (of Baltimore Ravens and The Blind Side fame) has written the foreword. The book is expected to be on shelves by the end of 2014. 

No matter where Steve has found himself professionally, he says Medill helped him get there.

“I remember freshman year hearing ‘If you're mom tells you she loves you, get a second source,’” he says. “Always question until you find the truth. My job is to present the jury with the truth and to do so in a captivating way. I need to tell my client's story. Medill taught me how to do that.” 

Follow Steve on Twitter: @TheLegalBlitz