Tim Ferris

President, Founder and CEO , Key Concepts, LLC.
Tim Ferris

Tim Ferris (IMC15), a U.S. Army Veteran, is the president, founder and CEO of Key Concepts, LLC., a management-consulting company. He studied in the IMC Online program.

Tim says his most valuable take-away from the program was learning the importance of customer-centric business models.

“In today’s 24/7 connected and highly networked society, companies can no longer simply talk at customers and expect to be successful,” he said. “Now, companies must engage consumers in a two-way dialogue using an integrated marketing communications model.”

Tim says his biggest surprise was the quality of students and faculty at Medill.

“Since joining the program, I have met some of the nicest, most innovative and intelligent people I know,” he said. “Someone once said, ‘you will rise, or fall, to the level of the people with whom you spend the most time.’ I’ve been on the rise since joining the program.”