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Ann Kimbrough

Ann Kimbrough

Visiting Professor

Ann Kimbrough is a former journalism dean on a one-year leave from a Florida A&M University with an assignment at Medill to explore, report on and help shape strategic multimedia experiential activities in higher education. A master's degree graduate of Medill,Kimbrough is also an award-winning financial journalist, including an Emmy award for government/public affairs programming during her leadership tenure in the metropolitan Atlanta area.

Her multifaceted career spans several newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations. She has also held leadership positions in local governments, large events that include the worldwide Olympics and NFL Super Bowls, higher education classrooms and administration. The native Nebraskan’s research is primarily focused on management leadership and communication, inclusive story-telling techniques and outcomes, and financial journalism.

While serving as a journalism educator in residence at Medill, Kimbrough will help to develop research “purple papers” for Medill. This research is designed to help the school's intentional engagement with scholars, industry professionals and community participants.