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Rob Hart

Rob Hart

Adjunct Lecturer

Rob Hart has been an award winning photojournalist at Sun-Times Media since 2001. He is an adjunct lecturer at the Medill School at Northwestern University and President of the Illinois Press Photographers Association. Rob is the curator of the IPPA¹s Midwest Photo Summit, an annual conference dedicated to inspiring photographers and teaching about the commerce of their creativity.  He is a co-founder and administrator of the John H. White ŒKeep in Flight¹ scholarship.  Rob's work has appeared in US News & World Report, The New York Times, USA Today, The Miami Herald, The Detroit News & Free Press, The Chicago Sun-Times and many other newspapers and magazines. Rob's work is also on walls, mantels, mouse pads, cubicles, and refrigerators all over the country.


Hart is a 2000 graduate of Columbia College Chicago.