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People attend a Medill event in the McCormick Foundation Center lobby

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‘The Media and the 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention - Then and Now' Part 3-The Artistic Convention Panel Discussion

5:15 PM - 8:30 PM, Off-Campus

What role did the artistic community play in shaping messages and stories that emerged from the convention and the streets of Chicago? Norman Mailer, Dick Gregory, Jean Genet, Allen Ginsberg and Joan Didion turned the Summer of Love, the Pentagon demonstration and 1968’s political conventions into literary events. Music provided a soundtrack for dissent and many Chicago artists took a political stand against police action in their work. What did these creative works say? How do they ... (more)


‘The Media and the 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention - Then and Now’ Part 4- “The Media Legacy of Chicago ‘68” (panel discussion)

5:15 PM - 8:30 PM, Off-Campus

How well did established and counter-media do as “the first draft of history?” What is the media legacy of Chicago ’68, from social media to the alt-right? How do today’s movements for change organize within the Twitterverse? What has “objectivity” given way to? How (much) has the complexion of newsrooms changed? Can accuracy prevail amid accusations of tepidness, privilege and “fake news?”

Moderator and presenter

Rick Perlstein... (more)