Journalism Residency at Medill

For many years Medill’s philosophy has been based on a simple concept: Students learn best by doing. The Journalism Residency program exemplifies that philosophy in action. Many Medill students have transformative JR experiences because they provide unique and substantive learning opportunities.

For 11 weeks – one full quarter – students work full time alongside veteran journalists in professional environments. The goal is for students to get hands-on experience that helps them develop new skills, test old skills, work under deadline pressure and hone their news judgment. Students also sharpen fact-checking and research skills, explore new career paths and build confidence in their capabilities.

Medill currently has more than 100 media partners around the world – news/online companies, magazines, broadcast stations, online organizations and marketing communications groups – that participate in the program. International residencies are offered in Latin America, Qatar and South Africa.

Click through the pages below to find out more about Journalism Residency, including what you need to know before you go and where students have recently been placed.

For more information about Journalism Residency, contact Karen Springen, 847-467-1459 or Dorina Rasmussen, 847-491-3586.