TIME Multimedia Director Craig Duff to join Medill faculty

Craig Duff, former director of multimedia and chief video journalist at TIME, will join the Medill faculty in February as a clinical professor, Dean John Lavine announced today.

Since 2008, Duff was responsible for overseeing multimedia, video and podcast production at TIME, where he also trained reporters to use video and produced his own visual work as the magazine and website expanded digital production, both online and in tablets. He was recognized with a News and Documentary Emmy for his series on "The Iconic Photo," a project that explained the back-story of several famous works of photojournalism.

Prior to TIME, Duff worked for more than four years with The New York Times on documentary television projects and web video journalism, and for 10 years with CNN and Turner Broadcasting, where he co-created and oversaw production of two cultural news magazine series and visual specials. He was also senior producer of CNN's environmental unit.

"As a working video journalist who wears all the hats – reporter, producer, photographer, writer and editor – I am a living example of what is possible and expected in journalism today," Duff said. "Most importantly I think I bring a sense of optimism. The challenges are many in the news business right now, but the opportunities are still there for those who are curious and tenacious enough to pursue them and make them happen."

Duff has built up his academic credentials during the past few years with the thought of eventually moving to academia full time. He currently is an adjunct associate professor at the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University. In 2008 he was a Ferris Professor of Journalism in residence at Princeton, where he taught a seminar on multi-platform journalism. In 2006 and 2007 he was a Knight International Journalism Fellow at the Center for Electronic Journalism at the American University in Cairo.

Duff holds a Master of Arts degree in Radio, Television and Film from the University of Texas at Austin.

"At Time, we regularly have Medill students interning in our newsroom, and I have been very impressed with the caliber of journalists the school produces," Duff said. "I'm thrilled to come to Evanston to teach such smart young people and work with the strong Medill faculty."