Journal of Integrated Marketing Communications 2014 launches

Students in the Integrated Marketing Communications program celebrated the launch of the 2014 Journal of IMC (JIMC) on Friday, Nov. 22, with an edition this year that features articles that celebrate the global diversity of the IMC program.

Focusing on the theme Disruption, the 2014 edition of JIMC is a "reflection of the key trends that are reshaping the traditional marketing communications model," according to editor-in-chief Emily London (IMC13).

The nine articles in JIMC 2014 cover various aspects of the main theme, as well as highlight how the marketing communications field both explores new leaders, tools and external forces, as well as takes existing models and reshapes them.

JIMC adviser Nancy Hobor, senior lecturer, said the final product shows the strength of Medill's IMC program.

"From the front cover to the editorial approach and the quality of the written articles, it was an excellent summary of what the students had learned in their IMC classes," Hobor said. "It's a great reflection of the IMC brand, and anyone considering the program would benefit from looking at the the articles."

Featuring a varied cross-section of IMC students and industry professionals, the newest edition provided the JIMC 2014 team the opportunity to collaborate together on an inspirational final product.

"This was a great experience for me, working closely with a team of editors from around the world," said Shreya Rai (IMC13), editorial director of JIMC 2014. "We learned a lot about team management, budgeting and time management through this process. These skills will no doubt prove to be helpful in the future."

The success of the final product isn’t just important for Medill’s IMC students, but for the marketing community as a whole, Rai said.

"The issue turned out better than what we expected," Rai said. "All the articles are insightful and relevant to today’s marketing professional."