Craig Greenfield (IMC00) Shares Wisdom as New COO of Performics - Worldwide

For Craig Greenfield (IMC00), networking is everything.

The new Chief Operating Officer of Performics – Worldwide attributes his professional rise to a blend of skills, persistence and asking the right questions to the right people. He got his career start at an educational toy company, working in the marketing department, where he was exposed to databases. That’s where his questions began.

“I asked the product managers at my first job how they saw the marketplace changing as a result of technology,” Greenfield said. “They thought you needed to know how the calculator worked so-to-speak before you used the calculator. It quickly became clear that technology was going to change children and parent’s behavior and companies would have to respond. I knew database marketing was a skill set that was going to become increasingly important, and I wanted to learn it.”

In an effort to get his questions answered, Greenfield took it to the experts – he cold-called the Director of Database Marketing at Kraft who suggested Greenfield schedule informational interviews with professionals involved in the Chicago Direct Marketing Association.  That led him to former Adjunct Professor Ron Jacobs, who introduced him to Medill’s Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) program.

“Medill has been instrumental in my career,” Greenfield said. “I learned that business problems have many solutions, and it’s the elevation of the alternatives that brings you to the right conclusion. There are no silver bullets, no perfect answers, but the best choice from an analysis of the options. It is a powerful lesson I keep with me to this day.”

He said his experience in Medill IMC propelled his career forward and helped him reach his new role as Performics COO by elevating his marketing skill set and connecting him with new people. It’s those people, Greenfield said, who led him to the answers he was seeking.

“My advice? Find your passion and pursue it relentlessly. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and find the people who can answer them,” Greenfield said.

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