"Breaking Board:" IMC's Branded Content in a Social World

An exciting new IMC class taught by John Greening and Bob Scarpelli, makes you to believe in the power of ideas. The focus is to engage students and encourage them to think outside the realm of what’s been done before to build brands and businesses.

Branded Content in a Social World is about looking for the possible in the impossible.

On Monday, April 14, IMC students met with Sensei  Jeff Kohn,  Founder of Karate CAN-DO Program and Chairman of the USA Karate Disabled Program. They heard inspiring stories, bashed some wooden planks, got over their fears and found their true strength. 

Student Breaking Bord

“I want to them to know that their biggest obstacles to creating good ideas are themselves. If they can do it with the board, they can do anything else,” said Greening, before breaking the board.