Lund Grant recipients for 2014 named

This year's recipients of the Eric Lund Global Reporting and Research Grants have been selected and the 2014 group is one of the largest ever chosen. Students who receive the grants travel to research and report around the world, particularly in underreported locations.

The grant recipients and their proposed projects are:

  • Eric Feldman (BSJ14): “Breaking Barriers v. Manhood: The Journey for South African Olympic Hopeful Sive Speelman " (Adviser: Loren Ghiglione)
  • Arpita Aneja & Inhye Lee (BSJ14 & RTVF14): “The Children from Korea: International Adoption and Unwed Motherhood in South Korea” (Adviser: Brent Huffman)
  • Stephanie Fuerte & Kerri Pang (BSJ14s): “Japanese Brazillians: Caught Between Two Cultures” (Advisers: Mei-Ling Hopgood & Jennifer Molina)
  • Yu Sun Chin & Joyce Lee (BSJ15s): “The Shifting Identities of Multi-Cultural Youths in South Korea” (Adviser: Mei-Ling Hopgood)
  • Rachelle Blidner & Alyssa Howard (BSJ14s): “Breaking the Chains of Pasung: What the world can learn from Indonesia's plan to improve health care and save its mentally ill” (Adviser: Karen Springen)
  • Rachel Reed & William Garofalo (BSJ15s): “The Flight of the Rohingya: Myanmar's Muslim Refugees in Thailand” (Adviser: Brent Huffman)
  • McKenzie Maxson & Stephanie Yang (BSJ16 & BSJ15): “When Education is Irrelevant: The Struggles of China's Unemployed Youth and Their Famlies” (Adviser: Mei-Ling Hopgood)
  • Mark Olalde (BSJ14): “We're Not Tree Huggers: The rise of Caribbean permaculture as economically sustainable environmentalism”  (Adviser: Stephan Garnett)
  • Sara Olstad & Christina Cala (BSJ14s): “Limean archealogical sites: Understanding why they are at risk of destruction and evaluating the efforts to preserve them” (Adviser: Brent Huffman)
  • Jeanne Kim (BSJ14): “Unspoken Rift: Prejudice and Apathy Towards North Koreans in South Korea” (Adviser: Charles Whitaker)
  • Gabriel Neely-Streit & Dylan Kelly (BSJ16 & UIC Class of ’16): “Los Drogadictos: Shoe-Glue Addiction Among Nicaraguan Street Children” (Adviser: Patti Wolter)

Lund Grants are made possible by the Alphawood Foundation in recognition of Eric Lund, who lives in Evanston and is a former editor of the Evanston Review. He earned his bachelor's degree at Medill in 1949 and was a longtime adjunct instructor.