Ashlee Humphreys

Ashlee Humphreys
Associate Professor

Phone: 847-467-1820

Office: MFC 3-109


Assistant Professor Humphreys studies consumer collaboration, both consumer interactions with other consumers and with companies. Her current research focuses on online communities. One project looks at the development of norms and institutions on Wikipedia, and the other project assesses the exchange of value on YouTube. She also studies the effects of institutional barriers (legal, social, and cultural) on consumer practices. Her current work in this area traces the development of the casino gambling industry from 1976 to the present. Lastly, she is interested developing theories for understanding fundamental consumer institutions such as ownership. Her work in this area proposes that consumption can be viewed in terms of access rather than ownership, a model that is useful for understanding the ways in which consumers use media properties and shared resources.

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Ph.D., Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University


Association for Consumer Research
American Sociological Association
International Communication Association

Publications / Presentations

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