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Marketing Technologies

IMC 498 (Elective)

Marketing Technologies are being increasingly adopted by firms to manage marketing campaigns, resource allocation, marketing analytics and content marketing. The goal of the class is to prototype a set of tools in this space that can scope across a variety of marketing scenarios and, potentially, become the basis for decision-support tools in areas that are “solution heavy.”

The course also helps students understand the process by which these sorts of decision support tools can be used in other domains (Business Intelligence, Visualization Tools, Cognitive Computing Solutions, etc.). The focus of the course is therefore the development of an intent-driven model of interrogation of a system that identifies user needs and applies them to the search for systems with functionality that satisfies them.

This course is intended to be a lab where IMC and Computer Science students work together in cross-functional teams. The teams will explore needs of marketing practitioners and the current state of technologies aimed at addressing those needs. The initial work includes both examination of tools used by marketers and the exploration of the space of needs of actual markers themselves. The former will involve the use and understanding of the technologies in use today while the latter will include discussions with senior marketing executives.