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Media Strategy

IMC 490 (Elective)

Media Strategy focuses on how advertisers plan and buy media. The course addresses each of the major advertising media: television, magazines, newspapers, radio, out-of-home and online display. You will learn how brands plan each medium and what factors help them decide which programs, titles, formats and websites to place their ads on. You will also learn how media decisions are made related to the key strategic considerations: geography, scheduling and amount of media spending.

The course is very experiential. Students make strategic media decisions for real-world brands. Each week a strategic media question is addressed. Students are given real-world media costs and current audience research from the major syndicated research sources and they make decisions that are discussed and debated in class. 

This course is appropriate for both people who intend to work on the media side of the business and people who intend to be in brand management approving media recommendations made by others.