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Understanding Media and Content

MEDM 432 (Elective)

As the first class for most media management majors, this class serves a dual purpose: to introduce issues and trends in media management and to explore the role of content in the media.

The first portion of the class develops an understanding of the media, their size, business models, and roles and purposes. The course covers traditional media, such as broadcast and print, as well as new electronic media and emerging technologies. This introduction covers roughly the first half of the 10-week course.

The second portion emphasizes the purpose of content in a strategic media organization. It examines the role content plays in strategy implementation -- how content affects business decisions and how business decisions affect content. Students are taught five frameworks for understanding and evaluating content and media platforms. They also are asked to determine in what ways content contributes or inhibits competitive advantage, especially in a rapidly changing technological environment. Content ranges from personalized information to mass messages and includes news, advertising and entertainment.