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Digital and Interactive Marketing

Consumers are increasingly interacting with brands via digital, social and mobile media platforms. In the Digital and Interactive Marketing specialization, you learn the latest strategies to reach, engage and connect with these digitally savvy consumers.

Jim Lecinski
"To be a great marketer today and tomorrow, one has to be a great digital marketer—and a great mobile marketer. That's why our IMC courses don't just have a separate module about digital marketing. They take a ‘digital-first’ approach, integrating digital marketing from beginning to end."Jim Lecinski

Associate Professor, Former VP of U.S. Sales and Service at Google

From understanding how these innovative platforms work to analyzing how consumers behave in digital channels to developing strategies to engage these consumers, you gain a well-rounded understanding of today’s digital marketing challenges. You learn the latest strategies in the areas of social media marketing, mobile marketing and digital media technology.

Students who have pursued this specialization have become digital marketing managers, digital strategists, social media managers and search engine optimization analysts at leading global companies and nonprofits.

Ideal for students interested in:

  • Social media marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Media technology
  • Search engine optimization
  • Digital analytics

IMC alumni jobs related to this specialization:

  • Digital marketing manager, Ronald McDonald House Charities, McDonald's Corporation
  • Digital strategist, The Marketing Store
  • Digital supervisor, Starcom
  • Social media specialist, IBM
  • Search optimization analyst, Adobe

Required courses

Digital Strategy

Digital, Social and Mobile Marketing

Social Media

Elective courses

Consumer Insight for Digital Experiences

Data Governance: Critical Issues in Digital Marketing Communications

Digital Analytics

IMC Law, Policy and Ethics

Introduction to MarTech

Marketing Technologies

Strategic Planning in an E-Commerce Environment

Qimin Wu (IMC 15)
"The Digital and Interactive Marketing specialization taught me to adapt to the fast-changing marketing landscape. It pushed me to move beyond the scope of traditional marketing research to think about how can I better understand and evaluate the customers using powerful digital analytics or social listening techniques. Also, it was the first time I truly grasped the idea that marketing is no longer a one-way communication but rather an interactive process."Qimin Wu (IMC 15)

Senior Business Analyst, Capital One