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Cost of Attendance

We are committed to enrolling the most qualified students regardless of their ability to pay. We award federal financial aid for U.S. citizens and permanent residents in the form of federal loans. Currently about 80 percent of all Medill graduate students receive some form of financial aid. Learn more about financing your Medill education on our financial aid page.

Students in the IMC Online program are charged tuition on a per course basis. Please note: The tuition rate will be updated May 2018 for your remaining quarters in the program.

As a student in the IMC Online program, which is part-time, you have the option of taking one or two classes per quarter. You must be enrolled in at least two classes to qualify for federal financial aid.

Summer 2017 Fall 2018 Winter 2018 Spring 2018 Yearly Total
(part-time, 2 courses per quarter)
$8,366 $8,668 $8,668 $8,668 $34,370
Books $240 $240 $240 $240 $960
Loan Fees $210 $210 $210 $210 $840
Quarterly Total $8,816 $9,118 $9,118 $9,118 $36,170

View the full cost of attendance document.

While we award aid to meet the tuition charge, if you need to borrow additional aid for academic-related expenses, please notify Medill’s Office of Graduate Admissions and Financial Aid.