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Digital Storytelling

(Elective Course)

Telling stories in a digital environment — for desktop/laptop computers, tablets and smartphones — requires storytellers to gather information differently and to offer users more access in how and where those stories are consumed. Students completing this class will understand how to clarify their message goals, approach their reporting, select storytelling techniques, and determine which methods are needed to guide users through a story and attract an audience for a digital story.

The class will mix theory and applied skills. The first third of the course will introduce the elements that make online storytelling and content marketing different. The second third will look at different reporting methods. And the final third will explore the production and promotion of the content in a digital environment.

Students who complete the course will understand storytelling that engages and connects consumers, stakeholders and brands. They will produce brand-relevant stories, using a variety of online tools for reporting and presenting information, and know how to market themselves and their work.

Advisory notes for online students: This class will be best for students who have taken IMC I: Marketing Management or have experience managing content and media strategies.