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IMC Leadership (Evanston)

(Elective Course)

This five day course, taught in Evanston, will focus on IMC leadership and provide you with an opportunity to develop strategies for your own development as an IMC leader.

What is IMC Leadership? First, examine definitions of IMC, which tend to talk about “process”:

Defining a process is valuable. Leading that process is a challenge. So this program is designed to develop the leadership attributes required of an IMC department leader. However, the program develops leadership for the overall organization that has integrated its communication goals with its strategic aims in order to project current and future growth.

The skillful leadership required of an integrated marketing communications chief includes marketing that extends beyond the boundary of a department. Effective integrated marketing communications requires talented leadership, not just of the marketing communications function, but also of the organization overall.

IMC leadership requires internal focus and external vision. Integrated means bringing the organization into alignment around strategic goals, with customers/clients at the heart of the objectives. 

Learning Goals of the Program

  1. Demonstrate effectiveness in leading integrated marketing communications decisions
  2. Prove leadership qualities through effective communications strategies.
  3. Show capacity for envisioning future direction

Each goal has many areas that will be addressed via lecture, interactivity, study questions, experts panels and visits to some experienced leaders in the field.

Advisory notes for online students: