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Managing Integration

IMC 457-6 (Elective)

Managing Integration addresses management of organizational issues that arise when implementing IMC initiatives. It is a challenge we often find ourselves unprepared to face in today’s complex and rapidly changing IMC environment. In this course, you will learn tools to identify issues, solve problems and apply your own “model” as a manager, team member or collaborator. You will be able to do this whether you work in an advertising agency, PR agency, consulting firm or a complex organization. The tools are robust and apply to a variety of different settings.

Specifically, managing integration involves organizing and effectively implementing a broad range of IMC activities that are internal to an organization and aligning these activities with external vendors, customers and third parties. If this seems complex, it is! However, the tools you will learn to master will take the complexity out of all of this and boil it down to your own approach that you can use wherever you choose to work in the future.

Advisory notes for online students: Students will benefit from having experience managing in multi-function enterprises, and/or prior course work in organizational behavior.  It is suggested that either IMC 455 Consumer Insight or IMC 452 Marketing Management be taken in advance of IMC 457.