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Brand Storytelling

IMC 498-0 (Elective)

Brand Storytelling is a course that focuses on developing insights into a brand’s unique story so that it can be told in a compelling manner. In a world where a consumer makes a decision in five seconds or less, this course will concentrate on developing quicker skills to use in a reactive marketplace. Whether a brand’s story needs to be emotional, funny or factual, you will be challenged to generate communication to talk about a brand’s benefits fast and capitalize. You will study various successes and failures of new and established brands and will write in a workshop environment in class to develop the skills and tools that speak the target’s language effectively, whether its one-to-one, one-to-many, or one-to-all. Classes will feature marketplace experts, both clients and creatives, who will share their accounts, perceptions and intuition into a variety of brands’ evolutions that eventually turned into a brand’s success or failure. You will be asked to share your written work and your insights with the class.